Brixton Housing Co-op maintenance committee strives to bring good quality maintenance to all our tenants while keeping our rents affordable.  We have policies and procedures to ensure that all tenants are treated equally.


Maintenance sub-committee

The committee is made up of six co-op members and our part time maintenance worker.
We have monthly meetings where we make decisions about everyday maintenance issues, plan for cyclical maintenance and future improvements.  We also have some Saturday morning meetings, where over a full english breakfast we debate the future of maintenance in the co-op - many exciting developments have come out of these meetings.  

The committee members feel good about being able to have some control over the upkeep and maintenance of the co-op’s  properties.


Members login here for:

  • Committee meeting dates and members
  • Policies, procedures + terms of reference
  • Newsletter, events and updates
  • Useful info and emergency contacts.

Maintenance issues / emergencies:

Members with a maintenance issue or emergency should contact the co-op office.